What’s The Condition Of Your Skin….is It Time For A Facelift?

No, i am not talking about the condition of your skin personally, but the “skin” of your house. The exterior “skin” of a house typically includes all the surfaces of its functional and decorative features. The exterior surfaces consist of the roof, chimney, exterior walls, stucco, siding, woodwork, paint, windows, porches or decks and doors. Since the “skin” of your house serves as the primary defense against the sun, rain and wind, taking care of all exterior surfaces is of critical importance. Neglecting it can lead to replacing an entire feature or can allow for something as damaging as a flooded home because the roof was in disrepair. Look at the condition of your skin. Does the paint or stucco have cracks? Are there open joints between parts, are a few pieces falling off here and there? If so, your home may be in need of a “facelift”! When the paint film cracks, moisture penetrates the wood, causing the paint to peel, and letting in more moisture. The added moisture then causes the wood to swell, opening up a joint where more water can enter. Mold can start to form in your walls from the moisture as well as cause dry-rot of the wood. Just like the interior of your home, that is cleaned and polished and taken care of; the exterior of your home needs the same love and care. Do your house a favor and maintain it. By simply having the exterior of your home repainted (which always includes a thorough check of windows and door casings) you can give added life to your home. If something has to be replaced, it generally means someone waited too long to repair it. What you don’t want is an unsightly, broken-down exterior as a result of neglect–or a brand new exterior as a result of having to replace almost everything. There are many options when it comes to protecting the “skin” of your home: stucco, siding, new paint, new windows and new casings around windows and doors. I am happy to come to your home and help you determine what the best preventative measures are to keep your “skin” glowing!

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