The True Measure of Performance

When it comes to purchasing a car, we don’t have trouble understanding why a Cadillac costs more than a Chevy Cobalt. The Cadillac usually has a nicer interior with all the bells and whistles of a luxury car and will out-perform the Cobalt on a road test; while taking you from point A to point B. The Cobalt will get you to point B, but not as quickly or with as much comfort – but at a lesser initial cost. Over time, the Cobalt may end up costing more money in maintenance or repairs, because it was built more economically with a lower standard for parts and testing. So when you go to buy a car and you choose the Cadillac over the Cobalt it is because you are looking for the best measure of performance and quality and are willing to pay for it.

But when it comes to remodeling our home or office, we can’t understand why one contractors estimate is higher than someone else’s. We think, wood is wood and tile is tile, so why should the price be so different? The simple truth is not all cars are created equal and not all contractors are either. At Randal G. Winter Construction we pride ourselves on our performance as a company. We only use top quality products and often exceed the state’s building code requirements, to ensure our work withstands the test of time. In addition, we have skilled craftsmen who are professional and take the time to protect your home or office prior to working, cleaning up at the end of every day and meeting the completion deadlines the customer requires. We offer value added services such as complete kitchen, bath and interior design services and have a Design Center at our office. We also carry full liability and workers compensation insurance and have been in business for over 30 years. All of our jobs are started with a contract that clearly outlines the start and completion dates of the project. The next time you are in the market to improve your home or office, invest wisely –

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