Ten Home Improvements To Do Now, And Not Put Off Until Later

With the new year right around the corner, many homeowners are realizing that they have neglected their homes over this last year. And with home values in a decline, the possible returns of making home improvements may seem fruitless, but there is much more than a monetary benefit to updating the home.

At the moment home values may be rising again slowly, but until they are as high as they used to be, why should we live in rundown homes? After all we spend the majority of our time there; why not make our living environment as valuable to ourselves as possible? So take the plunge, boost your quality of life, and fix up that old house with these ten tips. It is certainly a better investment than a new car!

  1. Paint inside and out.

  2. New interior doors and casings

  3. New base molding and floor covering

  4. Replace window coverings

  5. Upgrade windows to Energy Star

  6. Replace entry door

  7. New kitchen counter tops

  8. Updated kitchen appliances, also can be Energy Star

  9. New bathroom tile

  10. New bathroom fixtures

Yes improving our homes costs money, but even just a handful of these improvements will work wonders both for our homes’ values when the market rebounds and for our own sense of pride and comfort in our homes.

Still unsure about whether home improvement is a sound investment? Let’s think about the amount of money we are saving by initiating these projects now rather than waiting for a perfectly rebounded market.

Cost of construction is not going down, regardless of what the housing market has in store for us. Cost of labor may be the same, but the cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance? Gas? Materials? Meeting government regulations? All up. Many remodeling contractors, at least those who have survived the slump so far, already lowered their margins by cutting back as much as they could back in 2009 to stay in business. So the prices for remodeling that we see today are actually the best pricing we will see. As the market starts to drive up the cost of homes, so too will the remodeling contractors start inching up prices to compensate for the previous loss of business.

Even in the Santa Clarita Valley, the cost of remodeling will inevitably increase, for two primary reasons. First, the supply of licensed and insured contractors has decreased dramatically as the falling market has forced many contractors to seek gainful employment in other industries. With fewer reliable contractors available, supply and demand allows contractors to increase profit margins to reflect a more reasonable return for the time and expertise investment. Second, as homeowners start to regain confidence in the improving economy and to regain security in their incomes, they will feel more comfortable in starting to spend on their currently neglected homes, thus further driving up the demand for remodeling contractors’ services.

My last economics course may have been in 1976, but that UCLA education combined with 32 years of practicing in the construction industry gives me the confidence that the everlasting principles of supply and demand will prove accurate again, and that the prices for hiring Remodeling Contractors will be going up before too long as well.

So we shouldn’t lose out and have to pay more later if we have the ability to do so now. Take the plunge, make that investment, and reap the benefits NOW!

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