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Many people are looking to purchase a home or remodel an existing home. Of those looking to buy, affordability concerns encourage some to look into homes that are older and need renovation. For those who want to hold on to what they already own, they are starting to see opportunities in spending money on home improvements.

We are seeing older homeowners demand aging-in-place retrofits so that they can continue to enjoy their home with ease and comfort. We are also seeing younger homeowners investing in renovations of older homes. One of the fastest-growing trends for all homeowners is home automation. Automating your home cleverly merges your family's lifestyle with the latest technology and energy management tools.

These smart homes are a smart investment for young and old alike. Controlling your TVs, security systems, and appliances from any location with access from your smartphone or tablet make life easier and can cut energy cost and bring you a greater peace of mind.

You can enjoy the convenience of your remote-controlled home with the ability to manage automated devices from anywhere. From door locks to lighting, to your thermostat and more! Imagine being able to control your sprinklers or turn the water heater on and off while away.

Best of all, these smart devices are no harder to install than traditional devices. You can save money and join in the home automation revolution - and we think that is one very smart investment.


(Remodeling outlook information courtesy of the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University)

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