Should I Remodel My Home – Part 3

Our last topic of this series was on the scope. The first topic was the budget. This topic is on the estimate. If you have established a budget and a scope for your anticipated home improvement project then your next move is to gather estimates. The contractors’ state license board recommends that you get three estimates. You may have more than three contactors out to your home in order to get three legitimate estimates. Some contractors show up and decide after they leave that the job is not in their expertise or does not fit their business model, so will not submit an estimate.

If the estimate is based upon a clearly defined job scope one would think that the estimates should all be around the same price and then you just pick the person with whom you feel most comfortable. Wrong! Estimates will be all over the board. Some high, some low and some in the middle. If you pick the one that is too high you might be paying too much. Some contractors miss items because of sloppy estimating habits and have a lot of change orders for more money. If the estimate is broken down into categories, then you can compare and see where one is high or low. Some contractors sub contract all the work and then you may be paying for two profits and overhead margins. Some contractors do some of the work and have their own crews. No two contractors are alike. If you go shopping for a car and decide on an chevy with certain upgrades, then you can compare different dealers. If there is a price difference between dealers you still get the same quality car. This is because the car is built in a factory under standardized quality control guidelines.

The contractor you choose is the one responsible for the quality control. What are his/her qualifications? Does he have a license to do the project, will he pull a building permit, is he insured with both liability insurance and workers compensation? Has he done the kind of project you are requesting?

Look out for the contractor who does not have the experience required to complete your project to your expectations.

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