Should I Remodel My Home – Part 2

Last month i discussed the budget for your project. Once you have arrived at a budget for your project, the next step is to come up with a scope of work that fits within your budget. This is a trial and error process. Many home owners would like to have their project completed with a scope of work that exceeds their budget. Most home owners do not know how to come up with a clearly defined scope of work. Usually, the scope of work which may include drawings and specifications are done by an architect, engineer, design build contractor or certified construction specifier and occasionally a designer. Of course, as a design build contractor, i would prefer doing the drawings and specifications, but it really depends on the magnitude of the project.

The scope of work describes the materials to be used and the quality of workmanship required. The drawing portrays graphically the extent and arrangement of the components of the structure. The specifications describe in writing the materials and the workmanship required

The location address of the project and the specific area of work, (example: master bathroom) need to be included in the specifications

The specifications and drawings become part of the final contract agreement which should include the start date and completion date.

The drawing should show the existing conditions of the structure, the areas of demolition, and the new arrangement of material elements. The specifications have three parts; i general, ii products, and iii execution.

General should include; a summary of the scope, work included, room finish schedule, submittals, samples, product data, quality assurance, project/site conditions.

Products should include; manufacturers, materials, delivery, storage, & handling procedures mixes, field-construction mock-up, and pre-installation conference.

Execution should include; inspection, installation, and cleaning and protection.

This is sometimes a little over the top for smaller projects, but, one should make sure that the planned work of improvement is clearly defined before proceeding with the project. Having a clearing defined project assures you that you will get what you pay for and will not be hit with unwanted change orders.

For a sample of specifications see our web site under residential, bathrooms and under commercial for a more complete specification.

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