Saving money when remodeling your kitchen Part I

When you are planning on remodeling your kitchen, it is a good idea to be mindful of your budget. The most expensive item tends to be the cabinets. By replacing the old appliances with new and upgrading the counter tops to granite or CaesarStone, one can have a beautiful new kitchen. A new coat of paint will help too.
First, measure the existing appliances so you can get new ones that fit in the existing openings. Starting with the refrigerator; measure the width and the height. If there is a cabinet above the fridge, measure to the underside of that cabinet and that becomes the maximum height of the new refrigerator. When ordering the refrigerator, make sure that you get a counter depth unit so it doesn’t take up space in the kitchen. Dishwashers are all alike in size so don’t worry about measuring.
The range top must not be too wide or it will not fit into the existing cabinet. Also, check out the BTU requirement of the new range. If it is too great, then the gas pipe feed may not be adequate for full burner flame. Don’t accept the appliance store’s remarks that the range takes a ½” pipe. That is only the receiving size on the unit. The volume requirement for some of the larger ranges is ¾”.
The hood must not come down below 30” above the range and the width is critical. Make sure that the exhaust vent pipe is sized for the new hood. Using a vent pipe that is too small voids the warranty and the back pressure from the pipe restriction can burn up the blower motor(s).
Built in ovens are now mostly electric. If you change from a gas oven to an electrical oven, you spent some serious money. Electric ovens require 220 Volt 30 to 40 amps. Some homes may require a new electrical service panel to add this line. Measurement is critical. If the oven is too wide it will not go into the cabinet. If the oven it too small it will require adding matching wood to fill the gaps. If you are refinishing or re-surfacing the cabinets, it doesn’t matter.

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