Prepare Now for 2014

Is there a remodel in your future?

With the uptick in the economy, well-respected contractors are now averaging multi-month waits for quality add ons and remodeling work.

What should you do now? Get on it early!

The best contractors in the business are getting swamped, with good reason. Homeowners should make it their New Year’s resolution to make sure they have the right company and really know what they want to see in their new kitchen, bath or add on.

There are wonderful options available for most budgets, so use this time now to connect with the right contractor and make a plan.

Not sure where to begin? Start creating an “inspiration folder.” See something you like in a magazine? Tear it out and stick it in there. Or, if you’re more of a web person, create a Pinterest board with all of your favorite links. The trick is: Don’t overthink it. If your “gut” likes something but you aren’t sure how that would work out with the elements you think you’ve already decided upon, include it in your inspiration folder anyway. There’s always time to edit out images that no longer appeal.

If you’re feeling particularly driven by your inner organizer, further sort your images into subcategories like: color palette, appliances, surfaces, flooring…

When it’s time to chat about what you really want, these images will better help you articulate your wants and needs. A good contracting company will be able to help you create the space of your dreams that’s customized to your lifestyle, personality and your budget.

Come Holiday Season 2014, you can be preparing Thanksgiving dinner in a gorgeous new kitchen. Just don’t delay!

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