Kitchen Remodels Should Have All the Looks – Plus Functionality & Value, Too


Today’s homeowners want more than just a good-looking kitchen; they want functionality and value, too.

Luckily, you can get all three with smart design that puts emphasis on quality, plus low-cost additions like lighting and organizational elements that ensure there’s a place for everything (And everything in its place!).

Here’s what to consider when planning a kitchen remodel:

GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR SPACE with brilliant organization tools like dish holders, corner organizers, sliding pull-outs in cabinets and more. Coupled with soft- and self-close cabinetry, these simple additions make everyday living a breeze.

LIGHT UP your space with the newest warm-tone LED lights. You’ll save energy while benefiting from task-specific lighting; ambience lighting and designer lighting that layers the look for an illuminated space that can be customized to the occasion or task with dimmers.

When choosing cabinetry and countertop colors, GO FOR CONTRAST. “Light on top, dark on bottom,” or vice versa, gives the eye a “break” while better distinguishing the space.

SAVE MONEY by refinishing oak cabinets. Dated woods and finishes might be a visual drag on your space, but if the quality of the cabinet is good, you can save money by revitalizing them with saturated color. You’ll be able to keep the wood-grain look while benefiting from a more contemporary shade, like cherry.

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