In 2015, the Biggest Trend is Saving Money

Homeowners are ready and willing to improve their homes, especially in ways that improve their daily quality of life – but the big takeaway is that they’re doing it more frugally than in years past. They want to be sure that they’re getting their money’s worth when it comes time to sell their home.

Home improvement considerations include:
The Cost of the Upgrade versus the Value of the House

Homeowners want to know if the investment will be worth it. I regularly consult real estate data banks to help clients determine whether or not a particular home improvement makes good financial sense.

Full Remodel or just and Upgrade?

Clients can usually save 30 percent or more on their improvements when they choose to maintain the home’s general configuration and instead focus on aesthetics, like changing dated oak cabinets to a timeless finished wood. You don’t cut corners – you just don’t, for example, bump out a wall to create an entirely new space.

“Facelifts,” as they’re called in the industry, allow homeowners to stretch their budgets farther. Now, instead of only being able to do the kitchen, you can do the kitchen and your bathrooms – and that upgrade combo really improves a home’s resale value
much more than one or the other.

Identifying what You Really Want

Good contractors are more like consultants, or even therapists. I don’t want to tell you what the problem is – I want to help you figure out what you dislike about your home and then I want to help you fix it.

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