How New California Construction Codes Affect Your Remodel

In 2013, The international Code Council released a collection of recommendations that are intended to make buildings safer and more efficient. Beginning January 1, 2014, these codes, revised with local amendments, will be implemented by both the City of Santa Clarita and the County of Los Angeles.

Residents looking forward to a remodel in the New Year will see the most obvious impacts in the category of energy conservation. For example: Water conservation becomes even more vital in the new codes. You’ll see lower usage mandates for the gallon-per-minute operation of sinks and showers, as well as the per-flush usage in toilets. The good news is that the most popular faucets, including those that use magnets to automatically retract the spigot and the “touch” models, are available now in water-saving designs. You won’t have to sacrifice form for function here.

Lighting is a category that will see a bit more upfront cost because of new codes – but with longterm gain in convenience and money-saving energy reductions. Lower bulb-watt requirements mean that you’ll be choosing between LED and florescent lights. The early LEDs weren’t celebrated for their beauty, but the new LEDs cast great, warm light and they’ll last 34 years, on average. You’ll save a huge amount of money over the life of your LEDs, plus, you can forget about storing and replacing bulbs. Our clients report a monthly energy savings of $20 to $50, on average, because of this new lighting technology. Two lighting tips: Put them on a dimmer to set the perfect mood and install them under the counters for fantastic evening lighting.

These new codes are a good step forward to protect residents and the environment. They’re not perfect, however. These new childproof electrical outlets are also “adultproof!”

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