Everywhere you look there is something about “green”. Much of the talk about green relates to saving energy and water.

Energy is the most pervasive. Energy boils down to electricity and gas. We will start with electricity. Energy star is the label you need to look for on appliances to get the most efficient running equipment. Refrigerators and televisions are the biggest consumers of electrical power. Second are lights. Florescence light fixtures and the led’s are the best available to help you consume less electrical energy. Heating and air conditioning consumes a lot of power. There are high efficient systems on the market.

Adding a whole house fan can help cool down the house before turning on the air conditioner. Of course, when it comes to heating and air conditioning, there is nothing better than replacing the old windows with new energy star dual glazed windows. These windows keep in the cool during the summer and keep in the heat during the winter. Insulation added to the attic is another smart way to keep the temperatures in your home controlled and electric and gas bills down. Ceiling fans also lower the room temperatures, during the warmer months.

Water is another limited resource. We are wasting too much water with poor sprinkler systems and bad choices on plant life. Look for draught tolerant plants. Get an irrigation system that can both measure the moisture in the soil and shut down when it rains, or put your system on your computer so you can control it remotely with your phone. Artificial grass does not need water or a lawn mower and it is always green. Toilets and faucets are much more efficient in water savings today too. Tankless water heaters only burn gas when hot water is on as opposed to heating 50 plus gallons of water 24/7.

We just did a remodel on a home that has all of the lights, thermostat, irrigation, alarm system, and front door latch tied into the computer and all these systems can be controlled from the customer’s smart phone. I just bought a system for my home, now when my wife leaves after me, i can see on my phone what the temperature is and turn off the heater. Our bird doesn’t need to be so warm.

Don’t forget about solar energy, as some are reporting that their monthly bill is ZERO!

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