General Contractor Santa Clarita – Asbestos And Lead In Homes

Prior to the legislation that first introduced controls on Asbestos and lead in household products, a wide selection of things around the home contained lead and asbestos. Lead was widely used in paint, especially in residences constructed before 1950. It was also used in roofing materials, gutters, pipes, decorative metalwork and other products around the home. Prior to 1980, Asbestos was used in insulation, shingles, vinyl floor tiles, and decorative elements for gas fireplaces.

If you’re remodeling a home built before 1978, you must take into consideration the Lead laws and how they will impact your remodeling plans. Your remodeling project must be managed with the threat of lead exposure in mind. A certified professional will need to evaluate the lead threat in your home and create a plan of action to mitigate or remove lead, especially on accessible surfaces.

If your home was built before 1980, an Asbestos risk assessment must be done. Asbestos, while less prevalent, is also a very dangerous health risk. Though Asbestos tests are less expensive than lead tests, any assessment or removal must be done by a trained professional.

Lead and Asbestos issues can greatly complicate your remodeling plans and raise the cost of your project. It’s important to get professional help in dealing with these issues, both for your safety and to keep remodeling costs down. Not all lead or asbestos items can or should be removed, Improper removal and disposal is much more dangerous than leaving the items in place.

A general contractor can help locate reputable, trained professionals to determine the best course of action regarding your homes unique remodeling needs. Your older home’s lead and Asbestos issues needn’t cost you a fortune nor should they threaten your health and enjoyment of your older home. A general contractor will help you understand lead and Asbestos issues and create a clear plan of action to make your home a safe and beautiful haven.

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