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Windows are exposed to natural elements every minute of the day and eventually, the glass within the window will deteriorate over time. When looking for new windows, a general contractor can help with the selection by narrowing down the choice to the latest window technologies. Embedded in the design of decorative windows are energy efficient or sound proof windows which offer numerous benefits that will lower energy consumption bills and increase the quality of life within your home. Even if you are planning on moving in the foreseeable future, quality windows can only improve the aesthetics of a home as well as magnify the curb appeal, boosting the value of the property in the eventual sale.

There are three main types of windows a general contractor will most likely steer you to:

Sound proof windows:

100% soundproof is not attainable for windows, but 95% is good enough for most homeowners. Blocking out outside noise can only be fully appreciated after the installation of sound proof windows, as the vast majority of people are unaware of how much background noise happens at night. Better and more restful sleep is the initial benefit observed. An added advantage of sound proof windows not usually discussed that a general contractor will point out is the fact that they also eliminate indoor dust pollution.

Double paned windows:

These are well known for better insulation, noise reduction, and ease of cleaning. Sliding easily for closing or opening, no lifting or cranking is required.

Tinted windows:

This is the most efficient way to block incoming sunlight; UV rays are notorious for fading carpets or drapes, distorting woods on the floor or furniture, along with damaging digital and electronic equipment. Most importantly, a general contractor will emphasize the generous energy savings provided by installing efficient windows that protect the home and everything within it.

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