General Contractor – Top 5 Industry Myths

Many people base the reasons for hiring a general contractor on renovation myths. This denies them the opportunity to enjoy the best services when the need arises. In the section that follows, we shall examine 5 common far-fetched myths about renovation that you should avoid.

Myth 1- The Going Rate

The most common contractor myth revolves around the going rate for renovation services and products. The truth is that renovation services is market driven. This means prices change from time to time depending on different factors. Some of the factors that influence pricing include; prevailing economic conditions, world commodity prices, quality of supplies and skills requires, project size, and forces of demand and supply.

Myth 2 – Independent Contractors don’t need WCB coverage

Apparently, the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) ensures the security of every worker from injury. The only variables revolve around the insurer, the amount compensation, and the time of compensation. Talk to representatives of WorkSafe BC or check out their website for more information.

Myth 3 – Building Inspectors are Liable for Quality

While City building inspectors are responsible for enforcing local or national building codes (as stipulated in by laws), they are not liable for ensuring contract compliance. The truth is that you are solely responsible if your building project falls short of the Code standards! Well, building inspectors rarely comment on the quality of construction because of their implications. Anyway, if the project meets the minimum quality threshold, it is approved.

Myth 4- You Don’t Require a Permit for Interior Decorations

Far too many people have fallen head first into this myth. You should be wary of any interior designer or contractor that downplays the issue of permit. We always establish the requirements of the permit at the time of pre-lease inspection. Cosmetic modifications do not require permits, but all forms of plumbing, heating, and electrical renovations require permits!

Myth 5 – A Fixed Contract with a General Contractor is a Guarantee to a Safe and Cheap Renovation

Besides being a common myth, it is also a very costly option and, therefore, unnecessary. Commercial renovation contractors can take care of the legal responsibilities in a given project. They can outsource specific components of a project to a fixed sub-contractor.

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