Contractor/Property Owner Compatibility

Here it is again, time to write another article. What seems to be prominent in my mind this month is contactor/property owner compatibility. If you are contemplating a home or office improvement, i cannot stress the importance of selecting a person you feel comfortable with to perform your desired improvement. Every day i go out on an appointment to give a free estimate, i hear from the various owners that others did not show up for their appointment or did not give the estimate as promised. Obviously, these contactors are not the guys you want working on your home or office. After fifteen years of teaching contractors and 30 years of being a licensed contractor, i can assure you that some contractors just don’t know how to qualify their prospective clients by asking the right questions in order to determine if the project is in the contactor’s field of expertise. Before you even set up an appointment with a contractor, you might consider asking them if they have ever performed such a project as you have in mind and secondly, when they can start your job if they are to be selected. If the project is too big or too small the contractor may not even give you an estimate. It’s best to find this out over the phone first, rather than waste each other’s valuable time. If they are to busy, they may not take the required time to determine all your needs and arrive at an accurate estimate. If the job is too complicated for their experience level you may end up with a less than satisfactory job.Some of us like the challenge of a mind stretching job. Make sure that one, your contractor welcomes the challenge of your job, and two, he or she is capitalized well enough to see the project through to completion.
Remember, there are many different construction business models out there and that many contractors have been working their model for years. Does their model fit your needs? Look for age of company, experience, recommendations. Do your due diligence. Check out the license, insurances, and their past customers. In this economy, check out the most recent jobs and possibly a job that is currently in progress. Some contactors are having financial problems. Don’t be one of their last jobs and end up with an incomplete project.
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