Codes To Know Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

Before you even think about pulling the required building permit for your kitchen remodel, you will want to know some of the basic codes that apply to your project.
A drawing of the new floor plan of the kitchen which shows the new kitchen layout including all appliances, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures and outlets is required by the city of santa clarita. Also on this plan you should list items that are to be part of the scope of the project along with a map showing the inspector how to get to your home. The name, address and phone numbers of the owner and the contractor as well as the contractor’s license numbers, if you do use a contractor, are also required on this plan. The plan must conform to the 2010 california building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes as well as any city or county code amendments. You can get assistance from your local city and/or county building and safety department. If you do use a licensed contractor for your project, your contractor should know the local requirements and take care of the permits for you.
Some of the items to be listed on your drawing include: 1. The range hood must be at least 100 cubic feet per minute and the duct must be sized according to the manufacturer’s instructions; 2. All electrical outlets must be tamper-resistant and gfic protected; 3. If there is an island, there must be a separate circuit with two gfic outlets on the island; 4. Counter outlets must be spaced no less then every four feet apart and there must be at least two appliance circuits; 5. The dishwasher and garbage disposal must be on two separate circuits and tied together; 6. The electrical for the refrigerator and microwave oven must each have their own dedicated circuit; 7. All appliances and lighting fixtures must be ul approved; 8. The lighting must be compact florescent, 4 pin bulbs; 9. The gas line for range grills must be sized for the btu output required by the appliance and if any relocation greater than 5 feet occurs, the line must be tested for leaks.
These are some of the major code requirements for a basic kitchen remodel, but this list is by no means complete. Consult with your general contractor or local city or county building and safety department for further details regarding code requirements.

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