5 Plumbing Tips to Reduce Household Hazards

The beginning of a new year always seems to revolve around making changes and improvements to our lives. We go on diets, set new career goals, vow to save money, and update what we feel needs improvement. Housing improvements should make that list this year, as five changes to our plumbing systems can greatly reduce household hazards, and isn’t that a change that is worthy of this new year?

1. Change all supply lines to steel braided lines.

Stainless steel braided supply lines are more durable and solve many issues with supply connections over using corrugated flexible copper tubing.. They are effective for faucets, icemakers, water closets, dishwashers, and other water based appliances.

2. Add water softener to your house water.

Adding softened water keeps the valves for water based appliances such as the dishwasher and the washing machine clean and optimally functioning. Without these valves clean and properly working, they may malfunction and result in a flood.

3. Have water pressure regulator checked by a licensed plumber.

Too much pressure can blow out your pipes and fittings, while too little pressure can result in weak water streams. And apart from the problems that can arise from a faulty regulator, attempting to fix the regulator yourself is hazardous: hot water may shoot out and burn your skin, valve may be permanently damaged, etc. Therefore, make sure you hire a licensed plumber to do the evaluation in order to ensure safety and effectiveness.

4. Drain water heater to remove build up on the bottom of the tank.

Build up at the bottom of your hot water heater tank can become a source for legionella growth as well as increase the chances of your tank springing a leak. Once a leak has occurred, the water heater is liable for very expensive repairs. The manufacturer of your water heater will supply instructions on how to drain the tank. For optimal functioning, the tank should be drained at least twice a year.

5. Repair leaks.

Small leaks left alone quickly escalate to medium leaks and then to large leaks. And even a small leak can cause damages to surrounding wood and appliances if continually dripping water. Don’t procrastinate on repairing a leak, no matter its size, and prevent further damages and dangers that result from water and electrical appliances being in close proximity.

Maintaining a hazard free home starts with simple plumbing tips, but if ignored these tips can lead to severe construction hazards and costly repairs. Starting the new year on a hazard free note can ensure a hazard free year multiple times over.

Randal G. Winter Construction in Santa Clarita Valley is a licensed C-36 Plumbing Contractor.

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