5 Most Common Mistakes When Hiring A General Contractor

Many homeowners wanting to increase the value of their home are interested in the safest, cost effective and professional approach. Hiring the right general contractor also means trusting their team. An on board designer can truly bring a unique quality to a home. However, many homeowners have bad experiences when hiring a general contractor to make improvements. These are the top five mistakes that are commonly made when hiring a general contractor:

1. Hiring the lowest bidder.

Imagine choosing the cheapest surgeon to do a triple bypass. It’s very possible to get what you pay for. Go for a contractor that has a realistic bid.

2. Not getting a written contract.

While some contractors may balk at this, a written contract that is dated and signed by both parties is essential for details such as the payment schedule, the general plans, and completion date.

3. A large down payment.

10% is a standard down payment; many times a large down payment indicates that a company is unstable financially. Also, never write a check to the contractor instead of the company.

4. Not having a guarantee.

Make sure that there is a warranty in writing. A two-year guarantee is the best option, although many contractors are only willing to offer a one year. Along with the duration, the warranty should state what is covered.

5. Not checking references.

A general contractor can either improve the house or do a lot of damage. Don’t be afraid to talk to previous clients and ask about their experiences. This can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

While choosing a contractor can be a difficult process, these five steps are warning signs that homeowners should look out for. While these are general guides, always look for a general contractor that you are comfortable with.

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