5 Advantages of the Doorless Shower System

As seen at the 2016 National Kitchen & Bath, Design & Construction Week, Las Vegas.

At the 2016 National Kitchen & Bath, Design & Construction Week in Las Vegas, Randal Winter scouted miles and miles of the latest designs, products & technologies to bring back to his clients. One trend that continuously caught his eye was the doorless shower system, also referred to as the Open Shower Design.

Here are five benefits of an Open Shower Design:

  • Easy Maintenance: Doorless Showers are easy to wipe down with no glass doors to clean which can be a chore.

  • Accessibility and Safety: Thresholds can cause tripping hazards especially for family members with compromised mobility. Open Showers can be installed with low or level thresholds to alleviate these problems. Infinity drains. Allowing a slope to the rear of shower results in no dam required. Grab bars are an additional safety feature for your Open Shower.

  • More Space: Eliminating Glass Doors provides more space for family members that may have difficulty using a confined shower.

  • Seating and Storage: Full length benches, corner benches and niches for safety & convenience can be added

  • Special touches: Waterproof speakers, LED lighting, aromatherapy dispensers, or even programmable electronic mixing valves can be installed to ensure the perfect water temperature during every shower.

Open Showers are custom designed to meet your specifications and needs. When designing your doorless shower, keep in mind the placement of rain heads & adjustable handheld shower heads. All shower heads should be directed away from fixtures and lighting.

For the Ultimate in Luxury consider an Open Shower Design, for your next bathroom remodeling project.


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