3 things you can do to prepare for colder weather.

Jump Into Fall!

With kids going back to school, football season starting up again, and pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING coming back into our lives, we don’t need any more clues that autumn is just right around the corner!

Even though in Southern California we don’t have extremely snowy, cold autumns or winters, we still know it’s important to get a few remodeling tasks out of the way before the temperature drops.

First of all, windows!

Older windows tend to let air in the home as well as out of the home - which is not good if it’s cold outside or if you have the heat on inside! A lot of people tend to wait until the cold drafts are actually coming in to do something about it, but we suggest getting ahead of the issue!

One-third of your home’s heat loss could be due to air leaks from the windows.

So, you can do something simple like caulking your windows and sealing those gaps, or if you have very old windows that are beyond repair, you can always go one step further and replace those windows, which will also add value to your home.

Next, keep your family’s toes nice and warm with carpeting!

We all love hard-wood floors, but have you considered carpeting in the living room or bedroom areas? If you don’t already have carpeting in these areas, you might consider it.

Carpet is a great way to change the look and feel of a room, but it’s also an amazing way to warm up your home.

There are many ways to replace carpeting that won’t break the bank, so just call us and we can talk you through it!

Lastly, Gutters.

We know we’re in a drought, but remember the pouring rain that comes occasionally and unexpectedly, especially during the winter? Well, we suggest being prepared for it by cleaning, repairing, and protecting your gutters.

To keep that rain water flowing away from your home rather than into it, it’s important to ensure the drainage system is clean and working properly.

You can even protect your gutters with mesh guards to keep debris from causing blockages.

Feeling inspired by any of these projects? Give us a call at 661-799-8089 and we’ll be happy to get started on a project with you!

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